A Regional Natural Park is an area where natural , cultural and human wealth are recognized at the national level , but the balance is fragile. It aims to reconcile heritage protection and development of the territory.

In France , the Regional Parks are currently at number forty-eight . They represent 11 % of the country and 5% of the population.

Located in the south of the Oise in Picardy , and in the north -east of Val d'Oise, in the Ile -de- France , 30 km north of Paris and 10 km from Roissy , the territory of regional Natural Park Oise - Pays de France includes 59 municipalities.

Real green north of Paris , this area is still primarily rural in character , dominated by forestry and agriculture . Occupied since the Neolithic , it is the heir of a unique historical and cultural heritage. Castles , parks and gardens , museums , religious buildings, cave dwellings but also hiking trails , recreational facilities , villages character ... all the ingredients are gathered here to offer you a tailor made holiday.

By welcoming you in our guest " Home of the Regional Natural Park Oise - Pays de France " we are committed to implement three values:

  • The attachment to the land , we contribute to the development of the Park and participate in the construction and knowledge of his identity.
  • Environment preserved and enhanced : we are involved in issues of space management , preservation of the environment and landscape integration.
  • Human Dimension: we participate in a controlled man- and helping to develop local resources development.

Park enforces the "Charter Mark " which sets out the criteria that illustrate these commitments.

With the Park we are committed , with a contract to improve the practices of our business : eco-actions , respect for the architecture, ecological gardening , preservation of natural environments , knowledge of the territory , participation in awareness days ...