This property was built around 1830.
We estimate that it was built in three parts; the most recent dating from the end of the 19th century.

It is part of History, since it was inhabited by the academician Frédéric MASSON.
He lived in the property in his young age, when the property belonging to his mother, and then from 1857 until his death in 1923. Fréderic MASSON was the mayor of the town from 1886 to 1908 when he became town concilor until 1912.

Frédéric MASSON was appointed as an academician in 1903, then became Permanent Secretary of the French Academy.
He is famous for his books on Napoléon the 1st.
It is believed to be the one giving the name "Le Clos des Fées" to the property. You can still see the original plate on the wall.

Late on, this property was occupied by the DELACOSTE family, owner of the eponymous company.
The DELACOSTE plant, that was sold around 1970 at VULLIERME SA - better know under the name of company VULLI - produces and sells the famous small rubber giraffe "Sophie" around the world.